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Hey all! Thank you for dropping by our website and checking us out. Remember to recommend us to your family and friends. 

I initially started Edna SMaK back in 2009 with my girl Kat (the K in SMaK) making horrendously offensive ugly Christmas sweaters. At the time, we called it Sweaters by SMaK. 7 years later, I went shopping looking for a plain black blazer for work. For the the life of me, I could not find anything in my size that fit well, was reasonably priced, that came in black. Anything in a plus size at a decent price was either fire retardant orange or tropical print!  

I came home determined that I would make something for myself that would fit (P.S. I come from a family of tailors, so designing and sewing were not a far stretch for me). When I made my first DIY off shoulder sweater and wore it to work: I got nothing but compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased it. I told everyone it was a hack and didn't have an issue making everyone one. Kat, being the genius business mind she is, said this was the perfect business to launch. Not thrilled with the entire idea, as I had my own notions of what the fashion world was like, I said no. She pulled me aside and addressed my issues about everything. To say the least, I saw the light and here I am. So, Thank you Kat; without you Edna would most definitely not exist. 

Edna SMaK is all about dressing today's everyday person, slaying and working their hearts out to make it a little further in life. I wanted to create a brand that was affordable, trendsetting, and able to fit any body type no matter what size is on the tag.

So, enjoy our site, leave your feedback and happy shopping!!

Much Love,

Edna SMaK - xx