The Nani Tee - Alzheimer's Research


The Nani Tee - Alzheimer's Research


Nani translated in Hindi means maternal grandmother.

She was an amazing lady with a sense of humour and amazing cooking skills. Her sense of humour and cooking abilities passed to my mom and in turn to me. She was kind and always welcoming, but lost who she was at the end because of this disease.
After my grandmother passed, a few years later, I found myself working in a retirement home. I met all walks of life and heard many stories of what the world used to be like. I also, experienced watching people so full of life, vanish before my eyes in a span of a year. Watched them forget who they were, who they’re loved ones were and all their memories.
In honor of my grandmother and anyone who has had a loved one suffer from this debilitating disease, I’ve decided to fund raise for Alzheimer’s research.

The design basis of this shirt is a hybrid flower created by The Only Fancy P between a hibiscus and an orchid. Both tropical flowers, native to Nani’s home country of Fiji.

If you would like to donate and not purchase a shirt, click the link below to support Alzheimer research and receive a tax deductible receipt.

All profits from this sale will go to Alzheimer Research.

Alzheimer’s Society

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